A Bucket of Blood (1995)

 Not as bad as you might think.

A Bucket of Blood (1995)
Bloody Secret - Die Kunst zu Töten
Skoteina mystika
Dark Secrets
The Death Artist
Roger Corman Presents 'Bucket of Blood'

A talentless artist accidently kills a cat and covers it up in plaster. He then sells it as a statue, and starts gaining the respect of the snobby group of artist that used to ridicule him. But now he has to come up with more and more statues, so he starts to kill humans and cover them up.(IMDB Parca Mortem)

 Kin Shriner

Mink Stole - Paul Bartel

Anthony Michael Hall

Julianna McCarthy

 Deena Casiano

Justine Bateman

Patrick Bristow

Will Ferrell

Alan Sues

Jim Wise

Shadoe Stevens

Darcy DeMoss

Sam Lloyd

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