Slave of the Vampire (1959)

Slave of the Vampire (1959)

Count Dracula (played by Victor Fabian) is able to control Lawrence Talbot - the wolf man (played by Don Glut) to bring back victims for the count to feats upon. (IMDB)
Director: Donald F. Glut (as Don Glut)
Writer: Donald F. Glut (as Don Glut) 

Perverted Passion (1974)

Perverted Passion (1974)
Fire Down Below

Demented serial killer murders street people in Hollywood. (IMDB)

This one plays out as a pseudo-documentary where the narrator talks about how budget cuts have let violent criminals out of jail and back on the streets. We witness the antics of a bulldogish ex-con who peeps on couples having sex, and then has a few antics of his own where he rapes or picks up hookers and strangles them... (IMDB  EVOL666)

Director: Ray Dennis Steckler (as Cindy Lou Sutters) 
Writer: Ray Dennis Steckler (as Cindy Lou Sutters) 

Carolyn Brandt as Redhead (uncredited) 

Hating Breitbart (2012)

Hating Breitbart (2012) 

It hardly needs to be said that this "documentary" is just the right-wing infotainment industry giving itself another propaganda hand job.

It does its best to ignore the fact that Breitbart was guilty of the very thing he claimed to be trying to root out: extreme media bias; says nothing about his penchant for ridiculous conspiracy theories or the many times he and his stooge James O'Keefe were caught lying or falsifying evidence against the left, much less how the very last moments of his life were were spent trying to fabricate evidence that the Occupy Wall Street protesters were all rapists. (IMDB Terastas)

When Day Breaks (2012 Serbia)

When Day Breaks (2012  Serbia)

Serbian Music Professor is on top of his world, he is celebrating a successful career and entering a restful retirement. He is well respected in his community and he loves those around me. He is a man at peace. Then, suddenly a small metal box turns his life upside down. In it is a photo of his birth father and his writings, one being a music composition. Then all of a sudden it seems everyone around him knew from his brothers and family friends that he was adopted. This sets Misha Brankov (Mustaf Naderevic) on an odyssey to discover his Jewish heritage and seek a way to tribute his parents while moving forward. (IMDB  wilson trivino) FN