Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Lincoln is an introvert semi-emo teenager who gets bullied at home by his biker father as well as at school by the popular jocks. When Lincoln does finally dare to stand up for himself and sticks a fork into the eye of the bully, he's the one to gets punished and send to some sort of karma rehabilitation camp for juvenile delinquents. At the camp, however, the bullying against Lincoln's persona cheerfully continues, but when he hides from his tormentors in a basement, he accidentally summons the vengeful spirit of a girl named Moira who also got bullied at the camp and committed suicide. Moira promptly starts to annihilate Lincoln's bullies, but also the innocent kids and specifically the camp counselors with whom she has a personal score to settle. (IMDB Coventry)

Bill Huckstabelle Serial Rapist (2015)

Bill Huckstabelle Serial Rapist (2015)

Based on the rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

"...a near completely fictionalized version of one of the most beloved / reviled actors in recent history. Although fictionalized, it does well to also make some fine points about the entire event, such as denial and blaming the victim (“it was so many years ago, why now?” as a co-worker recently said to me, about origin story)". (Source Robert Barry Francos @

Beat Girl (1960)

 Beat Girl (1959) aka Wild for Kicks British beatnik/new stepmom movie that for me is most notable as the first credited film role for Oliver Reed as "Plaid Shirt" guy and Christopher Lee as a sleazy club owner at a time when Lee's career seemed to already be doing really well. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) referred to it as "the product of squalid and illiterate minds". 
Beat Girl (1959)
Wild for Kicks

This film is also known as "Beat Girl" and that's the name on the DVD release. It's from a VERY popular theme of the era--out of control teenagers in films. In this case, however, it's a British version of the old American genre--and it's frankly a lot better.

A totally clueless divorced father arrives home after being on a three-month business trip. Surprise, surprise...he also brings home a brand-new (and relatively hot) French wife! Now his teenage daughter, Jenny, is a total insolent brat...but at least you can't blame her for not accepting New Mom! Only Mr. Potatohead would think bringing home a new mother would work out seamlessly.

Later, Jenny sneaks out to hang with the young beatniks at the local club--and it's dancing and listening to jazz and rock 'n roll all night long. Apparently, she's a regular there but clueless dad doesn't know, as he's so wrapped up in his work. However, New Mom decides to try to help and tries to befriend Jenny. Jenny's friends like New Mom, but Jenny is surly and refuses to give her a chance. When Jenny learns that New Mom used to be a stripper--then she thinks she has a chance to split up her new family. But, as it turns out, New Mom has MUCH more to hide than stripping! And Jenny has MUCH more insane behavior that you can see... (IMDB planktonrules)

Oliver Reed

 Delphi Lawrence (L)

Noƫlle Adam


Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee - Delphi Lawrence