Captive Wild Woman (1943)

Captive Wild Woman (1943) 

Brilliant, but ruthless and unscrupulous scientist Dr. Sigmund Walters (nicely underplayed by John Carradine) turns a huge wild ape into a beautiful, yet still deadly mute woman named Paula Dupree (an impressively expressive pantomime performance by the ravishing Acquanetta). Paula gets a job keeping animals tame in a circus. Complications ensue when Paula falls for rugged and dashing animal trainer Fred Mason (a likable portrayal by Milburn Stone) and reverts back to a hirsute bestial state. Director Edward Dmytryk, working from a compact script by Griffin Jay and Henry Sucher, relates the engrossing plot at a steady pace, maintains a serious mood throughout, and stages the thrilling climax involving a fierce thunderstorm and a hulking rampaging gorilla (veteran simian thespian Ray Corrigan in a nifty suit) with considerable rip-snorting aplomb. This movie further benefits from sound acting by a sturdy cast: Carradine keeps his trademark eye-rolling hammy tendencies on a leash for once, Acquanetta's dark exotic beauty adds credibility to her admittedly far-fetched role, plus there are praiseworthy contributions by the fetching Evelyn Ankers as Mason's concerned girlfriend Beth Colman, Lloyd Corrigan as jolly circus owner John Whipple, and Fay Helm as the reluctant Nurse Strand. The scenes involving savage lions and tigers performing various daring feats in a cage are genuinely gripping and exciting. George Robinson's crisp black and white cinematography makes neat use of fades and dissolves. The spirited film library score likewise does the rousing trick. The terse 61 minute running time ensures that this picture never gets dull or overstays its welcome. A huge enjoyable fright feature potboiler.  (IMDB Woodyanders)

Evelyn Ankers - Milburn Stone

 John Carradine

Milburn Stone-Lloyd Corrigan-Evelyn Anlers-Jogn Carradine

 Ape played by Ray Crash Corrigan


Captive Wild Woman (1943)

Knastjulen 2 – Zur Sau Gemacht (2005 Germany)

Knastjulen 2 – Zur Sau gemacht

Knastjulen 2: Zur Sau gemacht (2005) -- Events at the Frauenknast Prison have taken a turn for the worse. The abuse from the guars is escalating and prisoner therapist Jennifer Walter seems to be losing the battle in helping out her fellow prisoners. She begins treating a new prisoner, Anna, and a bond is quickly formed. Jennifer is becoming emotionally attached to the young prisoner who is repeatedly abused and Jennifer feels helpless...

Another prison movie from Andreas Bethmann - K3 – Prison of Hell and Notgeile Knastjulen zur Unzucht erzogen

Directed by Andreas Bethmann
Starring Heiko Bender, Florian Bunke, Sara Drake, Fabienne Gille

Face of Fire (1959)

Face of Fire (1959)
Cara de fuego
Mannen utan ansikte

Released in 1959, "Face of Fire" stars James Whitmore as the gregarious Monk Johnson.....handsome, generous with the ladies, adored by the kids and well received by anyone who meets him, he is without doubt one of the most popular guy in town. While working for a doctor and his family, he is seriously disfigured in a house fire while saving the life of his employer's son, and his world is changed forever. Where he was once greeted with open arms, he is now shunned and looked upon as a monster by the same folk that had loved him and called him their friend. Based upon a 19th Century short story by Stephen Crane, it shows the ugly side of the human condition in a way that had rarely been depicted before........insensitive, fearful and intolerant of something that appears or behaves different from what they consider normal. (IMDB maxeythecat)

James Whitmore

 Jill Donohue

Cameron Mitchell

Royal Dano

Bettye Ackerman - Cameron Mitchell