Skullduggery (1970)

Skullduggery (1970)

An archaeological expedition into the jungles of New Guinea is led by adventurer Douglas Temple (Burt Reynolds). One of the main archaeologists involved in the excursion is attractive lady scientist Dr Sybil Greame (Susan Clark). After an arduous trek they stumble upon a tribe of strange ape-like creatures. These primitive, long-lost people are covered in hair and have survived for centuries without being in any way touched or influenced by the developments of modern man. There is some evidence that they may the ancestors of early man – the "missing link" in the evolution of apes into humans. Or perhaps a race of humans who simply look and behave differently from usual? Or even a race of animals that have begun to develop human characteristics? The archaeologists call the tribe "the Tropi" and are initially thrilled by the implications of their discovery. But things take a devastating turn when nasty opportunist Vancruysen (Paul Hubschmid) declares his intention to exploit the tribe and their idyll on behalf of developers. He questions whether the Tropi are truly "human" and takes his argument to the courts, where he hopes to be granted legal backing so that his own greedy ambitions can be continued. (Jonathon Dabell IMDB)

XX (2017)

 Four short horror films that are directed and written by women.  (IMDB)

Unrated: the Movie (2009 Germany)

Frank is a filmmaker who brings a group of actresses to a cabin in the woods to make a film. While there they stumble upon a book, a book that belongs to the Book Keeper. The book is in no way an ordinary book, as it brings demons to earth, and now Frank and his actresses are the only ones to stop them.