The Scaremaker (1982)

The Scaremaker (1982)
Girls Nite Out (1982)

right after winning a high-school basketball match, the whole insufferable cast of teenage dorks is preparing for a big house party. Imagine yourself the type of flamboyant and outrageous party where the deejay plays irresistible hits like "Yummy, yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my tummy" and where the loudest, most annoying guy of the bunch tells eerie stories to petrify the girls. He tells about Dickie Cavanaugh, a former war veteran who went bonkers, killed a local girl and got put away in the loony bin. Naturally the killer escapes right in time to join the fun, as the very next day the school's famous annual scavenger hunt contest kicks off. The killer wears the basketball team mascot suit – a bear – and ingeniously replaced the fake plastic claws with genuine knives. He also phones the school radio whenever he makes a kill. The school's security guard is the father of crazy Dickie's very first murder victim and he's no less than Hal Holbrook! (IMDB)

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