Camp Blood 666 (2016)

Camp Blood 666 (2016)

The movie revolves around the disappearance of a local boy and his sister's efforts to locate him inside Camp Blood. The sheriff's department is not much help in locating the boy and locals believe it has something to do the occult and the evil clowns of Camp Blood. (IMDB  James Ian Mair)

Nightkill (1980)

Nightkill (1980)

Mike Connors as an butthead businessman who is murdered by his wife's lover who she later finds dead. Then appears Robert Mitchum who idenifies himself as a police detective. Soon who is alive and who isn't becomes questionable. ~Alzur

Mike Connors

Burke Rhind

Jaclyn Smith

Leo Battallia - Jaclyn Smith - Mike Connors

James Franciscus

Belinda Mayne

Jaclyn Smith - Tina Menard

Fritz Weaver

Sybil Danning

Robert Mitchum

Two Smart People (1946)

Two Smart People (1946)

Two swindlers (Lucille Ball, John Hodiak) cross paths and fall in love 
as one is on his way to spend five years in Sing Sing prison. ~Alzur

John Hodiak

Lucille Ball

Lloyd Corrigan

Elisha Cook Jr.

Fred 'Snowflake' Toones

Lenore Ulric - John Hodiak - Lloyd Nolan - Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball - Elisha Cook Jr

Hugo Haas

Angelo Rossitto

Shelley Winters