The Alien Dead (1980)

The Alien Dead (1980)
It Fell from the Sky
Swamp of the Blood Leeches

Ah, zombies and hillbillies! Can you think of a better recipe for fantastically awful B-movie entertainment? "The Alien Dead" is a true winner! It's a truly horrendous 70's no-budgeter with a seemingly improvised script, more inexperienced redneck actors than you can wave a stick at and painfully inept dialogs that nearly make your ears hurt. This debut feature of legendary bad film maker Fred Olen Ray (if you don't count the half-long "Brain Leeches" and "Demented Death Farm Massacre" for which he just shot some additional footage) is set in a little Louisianan swamp town where some really strange occurrences are taking place. Following the crash-landing of a meteor, all the alligators suddenly vanished mysteriously and a local drunk fisherman keeps claiming his wife got dragged into the water by "something". Then, swiftly, "The Alien Dead" turns into a zombies-on-the-rampage flick! Can you actually believe that the zombies ran out of alligators to eat, so they switched to villagers instead?!? First there's one zombie attacking a lone girl. Then there's a bunch of zombies devouring a stereotypical elderly couple (she chases her husband with a frying pan, for crying out loud) and finally there's a whole army of zombies chasing two sole survivors. Oh, and did you know that zombies use pitchforks? They do! (IMDB Coventry)

 Ray Roberts

cast listing for Alien Dead
Norman Riggins and Nancy Kranzs

Mike Bonavia (R)

Buster Crabbe (C)

Linda Lewis (L) - Ray Roberts (R)

George Kelsey (C)

Chuck Sumner

Shelley Youngren and Fred Olen Ray

Buster Crabbe (R)

Dennis Underwood

Norman Riggins

Edi Stroup

Chuck Sumner

Buster Crabbe

Mike Bonavia and Linda Lewis

Jocelyn Davies

Martin Nicholas

Ellena Contello

Hold the spear straight.

Doom Asylum (1988)

 Doom Asylum (1988)

A horribly disfigured lawyer, wrongfully diagnosed dead after a terrible car accident, is taken to an asylum for dissection, only to come back alive, kill everyone, and make the asylum his killing grounds. (IMDB)

Patty Mullen and Michael Rogen

Patty Mullen and Michael Rogen

Harvey Keith and Steven G. Menkin

Harrison White - Kristin Davis - Kenny L. Price

Patty Mullen and William Hay

Dawn Alvan and Ruth Collins

Farin (R)

Farin - Ruth Collins - Dawn Alvan

"Ruth Collins was paid one hundred dollars to bare her breasts in this film."  IMDB
Ruth Collins

Harrison White 
Never Too Late To Mend (1937)

The Face at the Window (1939)

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street  (1936)

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (1936)

Kristin Davis - Patty Mullen



Ruth Collins

Never Too Late To Mend (1937)

William Hay

The Murder in the Red Barn (1935)

Michael Rogen