Don't Answer the Phone! (1980)

Don't Answer the Phone! (1980)

Beefy, plug-ugly character actor Nicholas ("Swamp Thing," "Darkman") Worth hits marvelously messed-up maniacal mondo disgusto wacko paydirt with his juicy starring role as Kirk Smith, an impotent, psychotic, misogynistic, schizophrenic and utterly unhinged 'Nam vet rapist/strangler photographer who viciously murders assorted luckless lovely young ladies in this terrifically tawdry'n'trashy low-budget Los Angeles-set exploitation psycho horror howler. Crying, bellowing, hefting heavy weights in grunting'n'grueling slow motion, insanely ranting over the phone to female talk radio shrink Dr. Gale (the very pretty and appealing Flo Garrish) in a hysterically phony'n'fulsome Mexican accent, and savagely throttling hot babes with a coin-filled stocking in a warped, desperate attempt at appeasing his deceased abusive father... (IMDB  Woodyanders)

Corinne Cook(R)

Don Lake

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