Assault of the Killer Bimbos (1988)

Assault of the Killer Bimbos (1988)

Two go-go dancers, Lulu and Peaches, are framed for the murder of their employer by the real killer, sleazy gangster Vinnie. Picking up waitress Darlene along the way, the three are involved in wild car chases with cops as they head south to cross the border into Mexico, where they unexpectedly encounter Vinnie in a fleabag Mexican motel. (IMDB Doug Sederberg) V&D

River of No Return (1954)

River of No Return (1954)

The film opens in the 1875 with widower Matt Calder (Mitchum), coming to town, where his ten-year-old son Mark (Tommy Rettig) is waiting for him... He has served a term in prison for shooting a man in the back, even though he shot the man only to keep him from murdering a friend... Mark has now been sent to join his father, who has bought a farm for them...

Mark has made the acquaintance of Kay (Marilyn Monroe), a saloon singer, while waiting for his father.... Calder thanks Kay for her kindness to his boy, and father and son depart for their farm...

One day, Calder sees Kay and gambler Harry Weston (Rory Calhoun) in trouble on a raft in the river near his home... He helps them ashore and learns that Watson is in a hurry to get to town to register a gold claim... So eager is he that he steals his rescuer's only horse, and leaving his girl behind as well, rides away...

The predicament of those left is deepened by the fact that Indians are on a rampage and are due to attack the farm at any moment... The only way left to get to town is by a wild river... (IMDB Righty-Sock)  NF

Rory Calhoun - Marilyn Monroe

Robert Mitchum - Tommy Rettig

Douglas Spencer - Robert Mitchum - Murvyn Vye - Marilyn Monroe

Douglas Spencer

Murvyn Vye - Robert Mitchum - Marilyn Monroe

Cross of Fire (1989)

Cross of Fire (1989)

"Cross of Fire" tells the story of David C. Stephenson, a megalomaniac who rose to considerable power and notoriety as the head of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan in the early 1920's. A tour-de-force by Heard as Stephenson, this 3 hour journeyman miniseries moves along well laying out the biography and history during the first half and then bogs down in the middle, turning into a courtroom drama, as Stephenson is put on trial for murder. An okay watch for those interested in this footnote in American history which others may find a bit tedious. (IMDB George Parker)

David 'D.C.' Stephenson: Immigrants ... Oh immigrants crowding us out 
of our jobs, overwhelming our schools and our elected officials using 
public office for private profit.

Clerk: What about crime? Gangsters and thugs making a mockery of the law.

"It's the reality of a new administration..."