ThanksKilling (2009)

ThanksKilling (2009)

This ultra-super-duper-excessively cheap film is something you just need to see to appreciate. It starts a cheesy looking turkey puppet who goes on a murderous rampage--all during which he makes cheesy and occasionally funny comments. It also features the puppet having sex with a teen as well as one funny scene where he sits and has coffee with an off-duty cop and a song montage that made my brain hurt.

Considering that the folks who made "ThanksKilling" meant to make a bad film and had almost no budget whatsoever, it's a hard film to review. Yes, it is bad--but they knew they were making a bad movie when they made it and there is no attempt to make anything other than a very stupid film. So, if you do watch it, you should be the sort of person who likes terrible films AND you have a high tolerance for the vulgarity and deliberately gratuitous nudity. As for the nudity, I normally don't want it in films, but it was rather funny how they used it--as a way of making fun of the gratuitous nature of slasher films. As for the language, it's very, very crude and dumb...but again, that IS what they were looking for! This is NOT a film to show your mother or Father Jenkins (unless your mother or Father Jenkins are sociopathic murderers). (IMDB planktonrules)

Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark (1987)

In Phoenix, the young cowboy Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) meets the beautiful Mae (Jenny Wright) late night in town and she asks for a ride to her trailer. It is near dawn and Caleb brings Mae that is in a hurry; he asks for a kiss and she bites him on the neck. Caleb's truck does not start and he walks home. However, when the sunlight hits him close to his farm, he starts to burn. His father Loy Colton (Tim Thomerson) and his sister Sarah (Marcie Leeds) witness a van that appears out of the blue and kidnaps Caleb. He is introduced to Mae's family: the leader Jesse Hooker (Lance Henriksen), his mate Diamondback (Jenette Goldstein), the cruel Severen (Bill Paxton) and the boy Homer (Joshua Miller). In common, all of them are predator creatures of night that need blood to survive. However, Caleb refuses to kill and Mae gives her own blood to him to keep him alive. Meanwhile Loy and Sarah are looking for Caleb; when they meet each other in a motel, Caleb has to choose between his beloved family and his love for Mae. (IMDB Claudio Carvalho) V&D

The Ice House (1969)

The Ice House (1969)
Cold Blood
Love in Cold Blood
The Passion Pits
Crimen on the Rocks

A serial killer who works in an ice house murders women, then brings their bodies back to the ice house and stores them there. He also murders his brother, who is a policeman, and takes his place in the investigation. 

Sabrina received her final film role in the horror slasher The Ice House (1969), as the go-go dancing victim Venus De Marco - via tragic circumstances. As announced in Variety (on May 31, 1967), Jayne Mansfield had just signed to star in the movie, with filming slated to begin in July in Mexico. Mansfield was killed in a car crash on the outskirts of New Orleans in the wee hours of June 29, 1967.

PS: Watch for William Bonner's turn as one of Venus' boyfriends. Bonner (real name Pierre Maurice Prenatt) was an Air Force vet who made his debut in Ed Wood's "Orgy of the Dead" and turned up in other films like "The Hard Road." He was expert at playing sleazy hoods but in real life was a very nice man. He was seriously injured while making his last film in 1975 and confined to a wheelchair for the next 39 years, until his death on 21 October 2014. ~ billoneil2 IMDB


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