Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

In a hard winter where game was short, Dan Haggerty as a lumberjack shot Babe the Blue Ox and the lumberjacks ate him. This pissed off Paul Bunyan who slaughtered them all with an axe. He took Babe's remains and created a memorial.

In the current days some youthful offenders are brought out into the woods in some boot camp attempt at rehabilitation.  Two of them come across an ox skull and take a horn as a souvenir. This was Paul's memorial to babe, so he gets pissed and goes after the group with his axe. ~Alzur

Dan Haggerty

Joe Estevez

Rat Fink (1965)

Rat Fink (1965)
My Soul Runs Naked
Wild and Willing

There just aren't many films about psychotic folk-rockers, but this long thought-lost 1965 psychodrama blazes that trail. Schuyler Hayden portrays a mentally disturbed young musician who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The film is a low-budget affair, but director James "THE SADIST" Landis and the soon-to-be-famous cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond have crafted an edgy portrait of narcissism run rampant.

Aside from the expressionistic B&W cinematography, Ronald Stein's pulsating rock 'n' roll score contributes nervous energy to the events on screen. The music is somewhat reminiscent of the great "orchestral rockabilly" score that accompanied the car chases in Robert Mitchum's THUNDER ROAD.

Like 1960's PRIVATE PROPERTY (which also disappeared from the marketplace in the mid-1960's), RAT FINK has been unearthed more than 50 years after its final drive-in theater engagement. (IMDB jobla)