Blood Relic (2005)

Pretty typical slasher movie but they did well with a small budget.

Blood Relic (2005)

In 1983, the aviator Hank (John Christian) kills three sailors in a military airbase while wearing a voodoo talisman that he found in a mission in Granada. He hides the object in an electrical box and twenty-two years later, he is released from the asylum where he had been hosted considered mentally sane again. Meanwhile, the former base is transformed in an aviation museum owned by the idealistic Harry (Billy Drago), who is facing financial difficulties to keep the establishment working and problems with his partner and brother. When one of the workers finds the weird hidden artifact, she gives it to Harry. In the end of the working day, the group of co-workers decides to meet each other after 10:00 PM for a séance followed by sex, gamble and beer. When two couples vanish, the others decide to seek them and find them killed. Sooner they meet Hank that tells the survivors that the talisman unleashes a fiend that possesses the person that is wearing the necklace, forcing the owner to kill people with sadism. The group joins forces trying to find a way out of the museum while Hank chases the killer. (IMDB  Claudio Carvalho)

John Christian

Billy Drago

Caitlin Sabins

Debbie Rochon

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