Vase de Noces (1974 Belgium)

Vase de Noces (1974 Belgium)
The Pig Fucking Movie
One Man and His Pig
Wedding Trough

A farmer (Dominique Garny) who may be the last man on earth,loves and makes love to a huge sow-pig. When the sow gives birth,he takes the piglets from her to keep her from eating them,and knits cute little infant things for them. When the piglets abandon him for their mother,he executes them by hanging,and the sow shows the first distress she has shown for the whole film. "Wedding Trough",more commonly known as "The Pig Fu*king Movie"  is certainly one of the sickest films ever made .It's loaded with scenes of implied bestiality, coprophagia and insanity, so fans of unrelentingly grim, experimental transgressions will be satisfied. The action is set on a secluded rural farm and the film is completely devoid of dialogue. Still despite its truly repellent subject matter the action is slow, but the scenes of the farmer sodomizing his swine or eating his own excrement are sick as hell. Give it a look, only if you are into extreme cinema. (IMDB HumanoidOfFlesh)

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