Stalking Laura (1993)

 Stalking Laura (1993)
I Can Make You Love Me (1993)
I Can Make You Love Me: The Stalking of Laura Black
Lauras Schatten

Richard Farley is a software engineer for KEI, a Silicon Valley technical defense contractor. Laura Black is a new graduate from UC Davis who is starting work there. On her first day she meets Farley innocently while being orientated by Chris, her supervisor. Farley asks her out, and Laura turns him down. But Farley will not take NO for an answer & begins showing up everywhere - at her aerobics classes, while she is filling her car, even taunting her at company softball games. He also employs tricks to get her address, and breaks into her office to see her application for security clearance & finds out the names & locations of her family. When Laura continues to spurn him, he threatens to go after her sisters or mother. Laura goes to the company's HR division, who initially do not take her seriously until Farley threatens Laura while she is out with her girlfriends. Farley subsequently threatens the HR people & is fired. But that does not stop the harassment and Laura is forced to turn to the courts for a restraint order (as it is holding her back at work). Unfortunately, it turns out to be the trigger that sends Farley over the top. He marches into his old workplace carrying an armory of guns & ammunition, and savagely murders 7 former co-workers. Though she is wounded, Laura manages to escape, and Farley eventually surrenders after speaking to a hostage negotiator. He is now on death row in San Quentin.

This movie parallels quite closely the events of the actual case. Most of the scenes in the movie are ones that actually occurred, including Farley's threats to the HR people and the horrifying mass-murder at his old firm. Overall, a very well-made TV movie, much better than most of the TV movies popular in the 1990s. (IMDB medic249a2)

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