Queen Kong (1976)

Queen Kong (1976)
Queen Gorilla
Banga Banga - Im Urwald ist kein Taxi frei
Die tollen Abenteuer der Queen Kong

Queen Kong was a mild spoof of King Kong loaded with bland send ups of everything from The Exorcist to Airport 1975 but producer Dino de Laurentis clearly was not amused when he successfully sued to keep it out of theatres. He argued Queen Kong infringed on his copyright and unfairly attempted to make money based on his own extensive advertising campaign for the King Kong remake. A giant female ape is transported to England and immediately falls for a handsome young con man named Ray Faye. ... As the home video market exploded the largely forgotten Queen Kong began to develop a small loyal cult of admires in countries like Japan and Italy. (IMDB  Nancy_Grease)

 Valerie Leon

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