Seeding of a Ghost (1983)

Seeding of a Ghost (1983)
Zhong gui
Black Magic 5

SEEDING tells the story of a cab driver (Philip Ko), whose wife has a lover whom with she spends a lot of time. One night the wife, Irene, is attacked in the street and raped and killed by some hooligans. The taxi driver husband finds her and sadly becomes number one suspect for the murder. At the very beginning and during the credits of the film, the taxi driver met a strange fellow who said he knows about and practices black magic and other "voodoo related stuff." He said to the cab driver that things may not go very well for him from now on because they have met.. Now, after the murder of his wife, the taxi driver remembers this guy and tracks him down. He finds the ominous looking man, and wants to revenge the murder of his wife. The black magic warlock agrees and he creates a horrific curse on all those who were involved in the murder. What follows is a series of over-the-top gory and insane mayhem filled with black magic, devils, tentacle monsters, worms and other things one would expect finding from Hell itself. (IMDB Bogey Man)

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