La petite mort (2009 Germany)

La petite mort (2009 Germany)

The first 15 minutes of the film is devoted to an introduction to the quiet lives of three ordinary young people. The subdued, relaxed mood suddenly changes with an encounter in an alleyway with a mugger with an introduction of tension to their relationships which is then developed with a subsequent visit to a rather seedy establishment. From that moment, the viewer realises that the trio are in for a rather troublesome and painful experience. This scenario provides special effects master craftsman Olaf with the opportunity to really let rip with a barrage of gory goodies. At some points in the film, the bits and pieces were coming apart and flying around so fast that it was difficult to keep track where they were originating from. This was aided by some accomplished camera-work.

The producers really presented an ace card when they cast Manoush in the role of the mother. (IMDB  regdyer-752-589598)  V&D


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