Lola's Mistake aka This Rebel Breed (1960)

This Rebel Breed (1960)
Lola's Mistake
The Black Rebels
Three Shades of Love
Sie kannten keine Gnade

After odious drug dealer Buck Madison (a pleasingly slimy portrayal by Richard Rust) accidentally murders the white boyfriend of Lola Montalvo (a fine and appealing performance by Rita Moreno), Lola seeks to get revenge on Buck. This all culminates in a wild race riot at the home of amiable rich guy Winnie (the extremely engaging Kenny Miller) involving not only white, black, and Mexican gangs, but also a couple of undercover cops and even Lola's honest working class dad Pappa Montalvo (well played with moving dignity by Jay Novello).

Director Richard L. Bare, working from a gutsy script by Morris Lee Green, relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, addresses the ugly and thorny hot button issue of racism in an admirably frank and provocative manner, maintains an earnest tone throughout, and vividly captures the turbulence of the early 1960's. This movie further benefits from solid acting from a capable cast, with especially sturdy contributions from Mark Damon as likable narc Frank Serano, Gerald Mohr as the no-nonsense Lt. Robert Brooks, Tom Gibson as Buck's brutish enforcer Muscles, Dyan Cannon as ditsy moll Wiggles, and Richard Laurier as Lola's angry and overprotective brother Manuel. The sharp black and white cinematography by Monroe Adams makes neat use of fades and dissolves. David Rose's spare jazzy score hits the snazzy spot. Only the obviously tacked-on gratuitous soft-core nude and sex scenes cheapen this otherwise praiseworthy film. (IMDB Woodyanders)

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