Creeper (2012)

Creeper (2012)

The movie opens with a bang, as an attractive young woman (Tara Price) awakes to find herself stripped naked and locked in a cage on the shore of a lake. A cable is strung from one end of the cage and, as she screams, the cage is dragged into the water. ...

... The movie then goes back in time about a year, as two young women, lounging in a hot tub, complain about all of the creepers they meet through online dating. Bored and endowed with both good looks and a sense of Millennial entitlement, they decide to have some fun with a creeper and see how much power they can exert over an unsuspecting and desperate man. They recruit two more friends to help string Jerry Tobin (played very well by Darryl Baldwin) into a connection with promises of friendship. They flash their breasts in a "Mardi Gras moment" to coerce Jerry into performing disgusting acts of depravity (licking his toilet, tazing his own mouth and neck, and whipping himself with a belt for starters) for their amusement. Eventually they grow tired of the tricks and decide to up the ante by exerting the ultimate form of control over a person - taking his life. They lure him to a desolate location, goad him into drinking wine laced with muscle relaxants, and then attack him. They believe they have killed him, except the police can't find a body. A killer on the loose is news, and it turns out that Jerry wasn't "a retard" as the girls assumed. Rather, he's a Gulf War vet suffering mental trauma who was on medication that rendered him child-like. Jerry, it seems, is having difficulty adjusting to civilization.

Back to present time. The girl in the opening scene is getting ready to take a shower, not knowing that Jerry is waiting. She's subdued and wakes up in the cage, which is then dragged into the water by a cable. What follows is a series of situations involving the other girls caught in miscellaneous perils. For every act the girls made him do to himself, they are in turn forced to endure themselves. Scat, whipping, electrocution, nudity, water torture, exposure, strangulation, and humiliation are in store for the girls as each succumbs to Jerry's wrath. (IMDB troywhigham)

Rohnja Morrow - Brittney Cardella - Tara Price

Rohnja Morrow - Monica Chambers

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