Mosquito (1995)

 Mosquito (1995)

An enjoyably pulpy, trashy, competently mounted and energetically executed 50's style over-sized killer insect creature feature done with wonderfully sleazoid 90's type gore, nudity, profanity and general self-aware film buff fanaticism. An alien spaceship crashlands in a lake located nearby by a forest summercamp community. Bacteria from the spaceship infects the local mosquitoes and causes them to grow into hideous, butt-ugly, way lethal and voracious gigantic mutants who promptly develop an insatiable appetite for human blood. In short time lots of folks have been sucked dry, leaving the standard collection of mixed bag everyday schmo reluctant protagonists -- a hunky dude and his feisty girlfriend, a rugged, quick-thinking take-charge scientist, a constantly sniveling spineless clod, and a gang of bumbling criminals led by a portly, pony-tailed Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") -- to destroy the bugs before they multiply and feast on the entire human race.

Made on a modest, but well-used spare change budget in Detriot, Michigan, directed with tremendous go-for-it gusto by Gary Jones... (IMDB Woodyanders)

Steve Dixon in Mosquito (1995)

Mike Hard in Mosquito (1995)

Ron Asheton in Mosquito (1995)

 Ron Asheton - Gunnar Hansen - Tim Lovelace in Mosquito (1995)

Gunnar Hansen in Mosquito (1995)

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