Dr. Satan Versus Black Magic (1968 Mexico)

Dr. Satan Versus Black Magic (1968) 
Dr. Satán y la magia negra

Doctor Satan y la Magia Negra (English translation: ‘Doctor Satan vs. Black Magic’) is a 1968 Mexican horror film directed by Rogelio Gonzalez (who notably helmed the bizarre Ship of Monsters in 1960). This film stars Joaquin Cordero, Sonia Furio, Noe Murayama.

This was the second film about the occult adventures of the mysterious Doctor Satan, a mystical character endowed with supernatural powers and the ability to communicate with Lucifer himself.

From the original promotional pressbook: ‘In the infernals of hell, the King demon orders Dr. Satan to return to earth to destroy Yei Lin, a powerful Wizard of black magic, and steal the formula that transforms all metals into gold in order to become the master of the world.’ horrorpedia.com

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