Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

Ronald Reagan had his fair share of comedies during his stay at Warner Bros. as a contract player--but it wasn't until he went to Universal for Bedtime For Bonzo that he took so much kidding for appearing in what is actually an amusing comedy co-starring him with a chimp, especially after he became president. However, the film does have a good share of laughs and Reagan acquits himself in professional fashion.

What little plot there is hinges on Reagan's determination to raise Bonzo in a loving environment and prove that with nurturing and a sense of family, he can teach the chimp to respect rules and develop a moral sense of behavior. He and pretty Diana Lynn play the mama and papa roles with Diana gradually falling in love--and Reagan not realizing he's engaged to the wrong gal.

It's all very predictable but fun while it lasts, mainly because Bonzo gets to wreck havoc in a number of amusing scenes.

Director: Frederick De Cordova (as Frederick de Cordova) (IMDB  Neil Doyle)

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