Face of Fire (1959)

Face of Fire (1959)
Cara de fuego
Mannen utan ansikte

Released in 1959, "Face of Fire" stars James Whitmore as the gregarious Monk Johnson.....handsome, generous with the ladies, adored by the kids and well received by anyone who meets him, he is without doubt one of the most popular guy in town. While working for a doctor and his family, he is seriously disfigured in a house fire while saving the life of his employer's son, and his world is changed forever. Where he was once greeted with open arms, he is now shunned and looked upon as a monster by the same folk that had loved him and called him their friend. Based upon a 19th Century short story by Stephen Crane, it shows the ugly side of the human condition in a way that had rarely been depicted before........insensitive, fearful and intolerant of something that appears or behaves different from what they consider normal. (IMDB maxeythecat)

James Whitmore

 Jill Donohue

Cameron Mitchell

Royal Dano

Bettye Ackerman - Cameron Mitchell

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