Knastjulen 2 – Zur Sau Gemacht (2005 Germany)

Knastjulen 2 – Zur Sau gemacht

Knastjulen 2: Zur Sau gemacht (2005) -- Events at the Frauenknast Prison have taken a turn for the worse. The abuse from the guars is escalating and prisoner therapist Jennifer Walter seems to be losing the battle in helping out her fellow prisoners. She begins treating a new prisoner, Anna, and a bond is quickly formed. Jennifer is becoming emotionally attached to the young prisoner who is repeatedly abused and Jennifer feels helpless...

Another prison movie from Andreas Bethmann - K3 – Prison of Hell and Notgeile Knastjulen zur Unzucht erzogen

Directed by Andreas Bethmann
Starring Heiko Bender, Florian Bunke, Sara Drake, Fabienne Gille

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