Combat Shock (1984)

Combat Shock (1984)
American Nightmare

COMBAT SHOCK is a gritty film about the disillusion and ultimate break down of Frankie, a Vietnam vet, living in New York with his wife and "child". Frankie is basically a complete loser with no money, job, or life in general, and the film pretty much just follows him around from one depressing experience to another, until the shocking finale. COMBAT SHOCK is far too bleak for the standard audience, and as a previous reviewer noted, most people either really like, or really loathe this film. Personally, I felt it was a realistic and somber portrayal of an individual who has absolutely nothing positive going on in his life, and no real hope of a better future. If you are clinically depressed or on any type of depression medication, you should probably leave this one alone. Those who prefer more thought-provoking cinema may want to give this one a shot... (IMDB EVOL666)

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