Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko (1998)

Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko (1998) 
Binzume nyoin: Ginkôin · Noriko

After having tortured and sexually assaulted bank teller Noriko Kamimura, psychotic vulvectomizer Takeshi removes and bottles her vulva as a souvenir. (IMDB)

Ultra-bizarre and sick as hell bondage series focusing more on women abducted by the sadistic sexual psycho and the strange bondage torments they're forced to endure at his whim. Somewhat creepy in his appearance and mannerisms,the abductor likes to toy with his hostages and leads them to believe they have a chance to escape him--most often as he's taking a nap--but they find out the hard way he was just playing another game with them and setting them up for a trap--nasty endings! "Eccentric Psycho Cinema" features women being chained up,beaten and sexually mutilated by a crazed male psychopath. If you are a fan of depraved and very sick Japanese bondage porn you can't miss this piece of abnormal filth. (IMDB  HumanoidOfFlesh)

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