The Phantom aka Widziadlo (1983 Poland)

Widziadlo (1984 Poland) 
aka The Phantom

"Widziadlo" by Marek Nowicki is pretty notable for Polish fantasy/horror genre as it features plenty of sleaze and full-frontal nudity.The film is very loosely based on Karol Irzykowski's novel.The beginning of XX century.Piotr Strumienski lives with his wife Ola in a small villa.He is constantly haunted by memories of his tragically deceased wife Angelica.Ola has enough of his obsessions and she has a romance with her cousin.Piotr has one son with Ola named Pawelek with whom he shares his haunting memories.A young deaf village girl tries to seduce Pawelek...This lurid Polish horror melodrama is well-shot and quite atmospheric.Dorota Kwiatkowska who plays the naked spirit of Angelica has to be one of the sexiest Polish actresses ever.The sight of her riding naked on horse is a joy to behold. Anna Chodakowska,Hanna Mikuc,Marzena Trybala and Monika Braun also provide some nudity. (IMDB HumanoidOfFlesh_HumanoidOfFlesh) 

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