Kill Zombie! (2012 Netherlands)

Kill Zombie! (2012  Netherlands) 

We follow two brothers, two gangster friends, a beautiful female police officer and a shady business man as they try to escape Amsterdam after a zombie outbreak. We see how one wants to save a love interest from a seemingly impossible situation, while greed takes over others. We see how the group puts together of mostly idiots have to try and find weapons to survive and achieve their goals by escaping the danger. Simply put this is a crazy film, it makes fun of nearly every zombie film stereotype and is filled with plenty of over the top zombie kills. What makes these kills memorable is that they seem to come from the most random objects including bowling balls, tennis ball gun and giant mallet with many more. This is hugely enjoyable if not barmy storyline that you will remember and continue laughing after it has finished. (IMDB MoviesReviews101)

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