She Demons (1958)

She Demons (1958)

... Fred Maklin and beautiful, but spoiled, Jerrie Turner wash up on an uncharted tropical island. They are soon captured by ex-Nazi Colonel Osler, who also has imprisoned a bevy of beauty contest winners whom he allows to be whipped by his slavering Nazi storm troopers. He has, you see, been extracting some glandular substance from the girls to inject into his wife Mona, who suffered terrible facial disfigurement, in efforts to restore her beauty. Things get worse as the island is used for test bombing by the US Air Force. (IMDB Doug Sederberg)

Victor Sen Yung

Charles Opunui (R)

Irish McCalla

Victor Sen Yung- Fred Maklin - Irish McCalla

The Diane Nellis Dancers

Rudolph Anders - Irish McCalla

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