Found (2012)

Found (2012)

A horror-obsessed boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer.

I almost didn't watch this one. Glancing around at various viewer comments many mentioned the low budget. A few claimed that it was the worst movie they ever saw. That reminded me of all the no budget horror that I have sat through basically waiting for it to get over. Don't know why I decided to watch it anyway. I found it worthwhile.

At first it impressed me as your typical light weight horror. Then came a scene where a lady was bound, mutilated and decapitated. Then the killer gouged out her eyes and ate them and had sex with her severed head. Okay, so much for the fluffy horror idea.

Realizing that I never noticed the cheap aspect of the film, I went back and took a peek again and it was obvious that it was shot on video. That didn't stand out to me on the initial viewing, even though it is pretty noticeable. According to IMDB it was shot with a Canon 7D. That appears to be a still photography camera with HD video capability. Id that is the case, it did quite a good job for what me be such a low end camera for movie making.

Marty "Stuff like this can really warp a person"

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