The Ship of Monsters (1960 Mexico)

 The Ship of Monsters (1960 Mexico)
La nave de los monstruos

This is my favorite Mexican Sci-Fi film of the 1950's. Two voluptuous alien women round up hideous space monsters, including a giant tiki with an exposed brain, a spider, a cyclops, and a sabre-tooth tiger skeleton, with the help of a singing cowboy and a giant robot. Lorena Velazquez (Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy, Santo vs. the Vampire Women) is particularly lovely as one of the alien women. The sets are amazing, and the atmosphere is wonderfully retro-futuristic.  (IMDB  Moly)

The film's leading ladies, Ana Bertha Lepe and Lorena Velázquez, were crowned Señorita México (Miss Mexico) in 1953 and 1960, respectively. 

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