Scream of the Butterfly (1965)

 Scream of the Butterfly (1965)

Nélida Lobato ... Marla Williams 
Ray Dennis Steckler ... camera operator (as Ray Steckler) 
Ron Haydock ... Party Guest (uncredited) 

"Scream of the Butterfly" is surprisingly enjoyable for a low-budget, black and white film about a complex plot involving gold-digging, a homosexual relationship, and multiple adultery. The movie is structured as a set of conversations between district attorneys and defense psychologists framing flashbacks leading up to the opening scene that shows Marla Williams (played by Nelida Lobato...) standing in front of a car and arguing with the male driver. The driver hits the gas, and Marla goes down. It turns out that Marla was a nude bubble-bathing gold-digger who married rich tycoon Paul Williams (played by William Turner). No sooner had Marla taken off her wedding dress, than she was already looking for someone new. She picked up cute, often-shirtless David (played by Nick Novarro) on the beach. Hubby Paul can't swim; Marla got an evil idea. But who is that drunk guy who keeps talking to David? Everyone gets a surprise. Especially at the end. The story is well told, and the camera work is all right. The acting is moderate. The gay angle is sympathetic in parts, but one character is very self-loathing; 1965 was well before Stonewall, after all. Enjoyable short, cheapie film. 

 Nélida Lobato

The Emcees

Ron Haydock (R)

Nélida Lobato and William Turner

Alan J. Smith - Nélida Lobato - Nick Novarro

Leona Gage - Alan J. Smith

 Nick Novarro - Nélida Lobato - Alan J. Smith

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