I'll Never Die Alone (2008)

I'll Never Die Alone (2008)
No moriré sola

All the puritan movie-critics that once labeled "I Spit on your Grave" as the worst, sickest and most gratuitously exploitative horror movie ever made ... are warmly advised to stay a million miles away from this Spanish/Argentinean co-production called "I'll Never Die Alone" .... Every element that made the aforementioned Rape & Revenge milestone a "class-sick" are intensified several times here, making this one of the most unpleasant, repellent and disturbing cinematic experiences I ever witnessed. We're talking vastly extended and shockingly graphic rape sequences, uncomfortably long moments of silence, aggregating acts of retaliation, a pounding grunt soundtrack and an overall ambiance of nausea. Unless I overlooked a title, this is the first genuine throwback to the most infamous sub genre of horror of the 1970's. ... The unsteady cinematography and raw editing may appear amateurish and low budget like, but it actually just epitomizes the raunchy tone of the film. If you are sick and tired of the nowadays exaggeratedly hyped torture flicks like "Hostel" and the numerous "Saw" sequels, try and get your dirty little hands on this authentic hardcore-to-the-bone exploitation effort. (IMDB  Coventry)


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