Barbie Can Also Be Sad (2002)

 Barbie Can Also Be Sad (2002) 
Barbie Gets Sad Too 
Barbie también puede estar triste

Barbie is upset because her husband, Ken, is running around on her.

Toy maker Mattel has obtained an injunction against an Argentinean production company barring the screening of the movie Barbie Gets Sad Too at the Urban-Fest film festival in Mexico City. According to La Reforma newspaper, Mattel objected to scenes in the film which allegedly show Barbie engaged in lesbian sex with a housekeeper. Mattel's lawyer, Pablo Vasquez Rohde, told the newspaper: "This is a pornographic video and the company does not find it acceptable. We don't know what has happened in other countries but they won't be allowed to show it here." However, Urban-Fest Director José Antonio Escalante was clearly annoyed at Mattel's action. "This film has been shown as a work of art in Argentina and in Brazil, where it was even shown on TV without any scandal," he told La Reforma. "I don't know why they are so bothered about it in Mexico." (Vimeo)

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