The Man and the Monster (1959 Mexico)

 The Man and the Monster (1959) 
El hombre y el monstruo

An overly ambitious pianist sells his soul to the devil in exchange for musical virtuosity. Of course all deals with the devil come at a high price, every time Samuel plays his famous composition he transforms into a satanic "Hombre Lobo". Samuel's domineering mother keeps him locked away, even concealing his rival's corpse and covering the beasts tracks when he manages to get loose. Will the Maestro's charming understudy undo Samuel and play Satan's song that will reveal a hideous man-beast?

The Man and The Monster should appeal to most fans of both Gothic and psychological horror thrillers. Handsomely shot and scored with a piece from Romeo and Juliet, it mirrors and perhaps anticipates the masterful Gothic style of film Maestro Mario Bava. The cast is excellent, Abel Salazar plays the likable hero while Enrique Rambal plays the rather complex Jekyll and Hyde like composer. Deelia Guilmain steals many scenes as the domineering and protective mother of the beast. Curse of the Crying Woman Director Rafael Baledon is proving to be one of the unsung heroes of the horror genre. (Leroy Gomm IMDB)

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