Dr. Minx (1975)

 Dr. Minx (1975) 

 Dr. Minx opens with a pretty verbally graphic sex scene. Dr. Carol Evens is in bed with her lover Gus Dolan (70’s tough guy William Smith). It seems that they are lost in love but soon it’s revealed that she gained her money after the death of her husband and Gus was involved. He wants half her money so she throws him out. 

 Carol goes on with her daily life which consists of inviting patients over to get an “Injection” (or give one). She soon gets involved with a young patient named Brian (Randy Boone) but can’t shake his seriously annoying and creepy friend David (Harvey Jason of Jurassic Park) who wants to prove she’s a murderer. He may get the opportunity since Gus won’t give up on the cash he feels he’s owed.

Dr. Minx is an odd mix for this type of film; the drama actually works as well as the sex. Sure allot of it is because of Edy Williams smoldering performance, but regardless, we do care what happens to Dr. Minx. NV&S



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