Pink Angels (1972)

 The Pink Angels (1972)

Six rough and tumble motor cyclists meet at the side of an empty highway
to plan their adventurous excursion cycling to Los Angeles. The burly
bunch are Michael (John Alderman), David (Tom Basham), Henry (Bob Bihiller),
Arnold (Bruce Kimbal), Eddie (Henry Olek) and Ronnie (Maurice Warfield).
They're deceptive: although they look like the adventure addicted
non-conformists of today out to raise Hell as they brawl their way over
countryside and local towns, actually the six are on a different type of
trip to the City of the Angels.

When they're stopped by two highway patrolman and searched for identification,
imagine the shock when instead of the expected drugs, booze and hardware what
shows up turns out to be lipstick, dresses, bras, and high heels.
(IMDB fritz-99)

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