Cave of the Living Dead (1965 Germany)

Cave of the Living Dead (1965 Germany) 
Night of the Vampires
Der Fluch der grünen Augen

Six mysterious deaths of women aged between 18 and 22 years occur over the course of six months in a small, European village. Inspector Frank Dorin (Hoven) is sent to investigate. Thought by some to be murders, Dorin is informed by the village doctor (Mohner) that all of the deaths were natural. It seems that each seemingly healthy young woman died of heart failure. Many local residents believe vampires are responsible. A seventh death occurs in the inn in which Inspector Dorin is staying the first night he is in the village. Legend has it that two hundred years ago, a curse forced the vampires to take up residence in a well known grotto in the area. They are said to emerge at midnight every night, but can remain at large for only one hour minus one minute. Inspector Dorin must determine the true cause of the series of deaths before they become a public scandal and before more people perish. (IMDB JHC3)

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