Swamp Women (1955)

 Swamp Women (1955)

This 'Swamp Women' was one of the very first films Roger Corman directed 
(he was still in his 20's around the time it got released) but it 
immediately becomes clear how he built up of the reputation of being 
the 'King of the B's'. 

This follows the adventures of the notorious "Nardo Gang", an all-female 
criminal gang. The participants (Windsor, Garland, and Mathews) escape from 
prison and head for the swamp, where they have hidden a fortune in diamonds 
among the cypresses and alligators. Along the way they kidnap Mike Connors 
and his girlfriend.

Connors' girlfriend is unfortunately served as dinner to an alligator, so 
the gang keeps Connors as their boy toy while going deeper and deeper into 
the swamp. The digging up of the diamonds and the following action is as 
campy as possible.

The attraction of this movie has to be the characters played by Garland and 
Windsor. Garland plays certainly one of the most bitchy and disagreeable female 
prison escapees ever captured on film, while Windsor's character plays the steady, 
diplomatic one, all the while lusting after Connors...who is kept tied up most 
of the time. A very interesting film, worth watching for the three leads, and for 
the outrageous story. (IMDB)

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