Guardami (1999)

 Guardami (1999)

Since deciding to enter the "Hardcore" Adult Entertainment movie industry 3 years 
ago, so as to earn a good amount of cash, Nina has found her star status slowly 
rising,which has led to her becoming one of the Adult film industry's most famous 
stars.During the filming for her latest movie,Nina is offered one of the best 
contracts going in the industry by a studio head,who wants her to exclusively feature 
on his new website,due to him seeing the internet as the future of the industry.
Flattered by his offer,Nina tells him that she has to politely turn down the offer,due 
to everyone "deserveing" a piece of Nina.As she attempts to feel happy over turning 
down the contract,and also trying to balance her family life,Nina gets told by her 
doctor that she has cancer,and that she must have chemotherapy.

Using the life of Monana Pozzi as the spine for the thinly disgusted alter ego of 
Pozzi:Nina,the screenplay by writer/director Davide Ferrario shockingly takes a 
restrained approach to the source material.

Along with creating a brand new boyfriend for Pozzi/Nina,Ferrario also leaves out 
all of the most exciting and important events that happened in Ponzzi's life,from 
her lying to her son that he was actually her brother (!),to forming a political 
party with fellow adult movie star Ilona Staller called Partito dell'Amore (The Love Party).
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