Katalin Varga (2009 Romania)

 Katalin Varga (2009) 

 "... the story about a Catholic woman named Katalin Varga who lives with her husband named Zsigmond and their 11-year-old son named Orbán in a rustic village called Visrek in Romania. Katalin has been keeping a secret from Zsigmond and Orbán for many years, but one day she learns that the secret has been revealed by the only person she told it to. Katalin is almost immediately banished by her spouse who feels betrayed, and with no one else to turn to Katalin sets out on a horse wagon with her son towards a place she left eleven years ago to locate Orbán's real father." (IMDB SindreKaspersen)

Hilda Péter

László Mátray

Norbert Tankó

Hilda Péter

Roberto Giacomello

Zsolt Pall

Florin Vidamski (L) Sebastian Marina (R)

Fatma Mohamed (L)

Tibor Pálffy

Melinda Kántor

Tibor Pálffy and Melinda Kántor

Tibor Pálffy and Melinda Kántor

Melinda Kántor and Tibor Pálffy

Sebastian Marina

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