Girls on the Loose (1958)

Girls on the Loose (1958) 

Vera (Mara Corday) runs a nightclub that's really a front for her secret operation: an all-female crime ring that's been pulling off heist after heist. The gang does a major job with the help of Agnes (Abby Dalton), a new recruit and insider with access to a bank's payroll. But then the nervous Agnes threatens to squeal, so Vera has her rubbed out. And when Vera's good-girl sister, Helen (Barbara Bostock), starts dating suspicious policeman Bill (Mark Richman), Vera gets really cutthroat. (IMDB)

List of actors
Paul Lambert

Playboy model Mara Corday
Mara Corday

Cast of actresses
Abby Dalton

Ronald Green

No one can see us.
Mara Corday and Abby Dalton

Lets gas her.
Mara Corday and Abby Dalton

The good girl
Barbara Bostock

The Cop
Peter Mark Richman

Lita Milan at work
Lita Milan

The nasty one
Joyce Barker

Your time is growing short.
Lita Milan and Joyce Barker

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Lita Milan

Nailing another one.
Joyce Barker

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