Dead Doll (2004)

Dead Doll (2004)

The story circles around a lifelike doll that previously happened to be the girlfriend of a paranoid doll-maker, who killed her after she threatened to leave him. The doll continuously goes from one owner to another, but not without leaving a bloody trail behind her that results from the attraction she has on people. Everyone in this movie is messed up in a way, be it the creator of the doll who is somewhat paranoid or the cosmetic surgeon that kills a patient and eats what-ever part of him. To summarize: this is an highly original, comical (in the black humor sense), bizarre movie that is a must for those who are tired of 'normal' ones. (IMDB wizzar)

Goran Dukic

Romi Koch

Romi Koch

Joe Babicki

Mikal Portnoi Lazarev and Ernst Gossner

Lorielle New

Chris Karmiol

Victoria Prescott

Romi Koch and Joe Babicki

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