Cross of Fire (1989)

Cross of Fire (1989)

"Cross of Fire" tells the story of David C. Stephenson, a megalomaniac who rose to considerable power and notoriety as the head of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan in the early 1920's. A tour-de-force by Heard as Stephenson, this 3 hour journeyman miniseries moves along well laying out the biography and history during the first half and then bogs down in the middle, turning into a courtroom drama, as Stephenson is put on trial for murder. An okay watch for those interested in this footnote in American history which others may find a bit tedious. (IMDB George Parker)

David 'D.C.' Stephenson: Immigrants ... Oh immigrants crowding us out 
of our jobs, overwhelming our schools and our elected officials using 
public office for private profit.

Clerk: What about crime? Gangsters and thugs making a mockery of the law.

"It's the reality of a new administration..."

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