A Scream in the Streets (1973)

A Scream in the Streets (1973)
Girls in the Street
Scream Street
Der Schlächter

 'The World is Full of Freaks' remarks one cop to another in A Scream in the Streets and the film itself seems on a quest to prove his point. A detective thriller by way of a transvestite horror movie by way of the down and dirtiest kind of sexploitation feature. Scream takes no prisoners, even as the credits are rolling we're privy to a berserk man in drag roughing up a girl and tearing her clothes off. The film takes place over a hot week in LA as cop Ed Haskell, married and by the book has to act partner to Bob Streeker a hotheaded bachelor. In a threadbare Dragnet fashion they drive around LA acting as a link to the films gamut of criminal behaviour. (IMDB gavcrimson)

Con Covert - Rosie Stone

Rosie Stone

Sandy Carey - John Tull

Bobby Angell

Christopher Geoffries

Colleen Brennan

Angela Carnon

Angela Carnon - Sandy Dempsey

Colleen Brennan

Linda York

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