The Violent Four (1968)

The Violent Four (1968)


Banditi a Milano
Los bandidos de Milán
Bandits à Milan
Die Banditen von Mailand

This is an entertaining Italian crime drama from 1968 starring the excellent Gian Maria Volonte (bad guy in A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More) as the intelligent and increasingly hubristic leader of a gang of bank-robbers. The first ten minutes are pretty misleading, making it appear like this is going to be a light, even campy affair more in line with Mario Bava's Danger: Diabolik! than the serious crime drama it turns out to be. But once the gang's driver is rescued from an angry mob and interrogated by Tomas Milian we get down to business. (IMDB cjfoulke) V&D

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