The Satanist (1968)

The Satanist (1968)
Directed by: Zoltan G. Spencer

The Satanist is a nudie cutie told through the guise of a moral tale about a pair of Newlyweds who leave the city for the country only to end up next door to a very beautiful, buxom Satanist. The husband of course is seduced by her and becomes obsessed with the woman after she gives him a spellbook. Eventually they couple figures out this strange woman could possibly be trouble, but are too polite to turn down an invite from her for a special get together on the Sabbath.

This beautifully shot oddity was produced right before films like this ended up going all the way. That and the fact that this film was shot in black and white was basically a death sentence for strange little film clocking in at barely over an hour. The Satanist was another favorite of the fest because the film was very well crafted for what it was and by the time the newlyweds end up at the party, which turns out to be a ritual the ending doesn't disappoint. (IMDB  Dan Tabor)

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