The Sun Was Setting (1951)

The Sun Was Setting (1951)

The story revolves around a young woman suffering from an unspecified terminal illness. The illness (presumably a heart defect) has left her house ridden, and her final desire is to go out and have one last night of fun. Despite the fact that going out will only hasten her demise, and against the urging of her best friend, and her lover, she goes out anyways, only to die before leaving her apartment. 

It's interesting to me that in this fourteen minute short, Ed Wood was able to convey some relatively convincing emotions and dramatic gravitas with this simple plot. The film is very much dialogue driven and free from the stock footage montages which we are used to in most of Wood's work. While it may come as a shock to most people, the screenplay and script really work here. (IMDB SukkaPunch)

Director: Edward D. Wood Jr. 
Writers: Edward D. Wood Jr. , Ben Brody (additional dialogue) 

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