Monster Dog (1984)

Monster Dog (1984)
Los perros de la muerte
The Lord of the Dogs

Director: Claudio Fragasso (as Clyde Anderson) 

Leviatan or Monster Dog is a fun low budget horror film staring Alice Cooper and I love it. The Werewolf effects may not be like An American Werewolf In London's but their effective and great. Another I like is that Alice Cooper does a good job in this and although they dubbed his voice I still enjoy seeing him in this film.

The music video at the start of the film was good and the song that Alice sings is one of my favourites now. The plot is about rock singer Vincent Raven (Alice Cooper) and his band going to his home town to film his next music video but they soon find out that there's been some murders involving a group of dogs.

The band go to Vincent's house and soon find themselves being attacked by a group of dogs and a Werewolf that can control the dogs. Written and Directed by Claudio Fragasso, Monster Dog is a fun and enjoyable Werewolf flick. (IMDB Rautus)

None of the actors dubbed their own lines. The only time Alice Cooper's real voice is heard is during his two musical sequences, the rest of his dialogue in the English version was dubbed by Ted Rusoff. 

Alice Cooper had been an alcoholic for his entire adult life and, as he developed a cocaine habit in the late 1970s, his music career dwindled and his health was jeopardized. He finally made the decision to get sober in 1983 - the same year his record label dropped him, leaving him unsure of his professional future. When he was asked to star in this low-budget film, he perceived it as an opportunity to get back to work and signed on with the understanding that the movie would not be released outside of Spain. 

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