Messiah of Evil (1973)

Messiah of Evil (1973)

A young woman named Arletty moves back home to find out what happened to her estranged father an artist. However as she arrives in the California beach house she runs into some decidedly odd behavior. Her father is gone but the house is full of his paintings.She meets an aristocrat played by Michael Greer and his two sexy groupies when they are asked to leave town they remain staying at her father's house. Things get completely crazy as the moon turns red with the townspeople turning into flesh-eating ghouls and the dead coming back to life as the Messiah of Evil, a former minister turned cannibal and Satan worshipper rises from the darkness to claim the town. Rarely seen and rather unknown zombie flick with strange surreal atmosphere and some strikingly eerie moments.The whole movie is a flashback from a foregone conclusion.The film is highly influential... (IMDB  HumanoidOfFlesh)

Charles Dierkop

Elisha Cook Jr

Royal Dano

Bill Norton

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